MAC Online Training

Frequently Asked Questions

(This section will be continually updated.)

What do we use your email for?

We will not give your email address to anyone. We use your email for it's inherent uniqueness as well as sending you a completed training confirmation after you take the test. We may also send you important information or notifications but never spam. Click here to find out more.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the training program?

If you encounter problems with the MAC training system please email However, if the problem is severe and you know many users are affected please call Wendy Chase (503-257-1775) to contact us directly or leave a message. We will reply as soon as we possibly can.

Which email should I use?

Please use your employer given email. This will help us match up your training account with your account in the MAC system. If this is not convenient for you or you do not have access to your work email make note of the email you used to login and save the completed training email. It is important that when the system asks for your name, enter it exactly as it appears on your paycheck. Again, this will help us identify you in the MAC survey system.

My email brings up the wrong person.

If your email brings up the wrong person this is an issue we need to fix. Please send an email to (email link) with your correct information. After it is fixed we will reply to you by email or phone, which ever you prefer.